Let’s put this out there before we proceed: This album is the first in ten years which features the entire Bone Thugs crew. With that said, I can’t say it sounds like the Bone Thugs I’ve come to love. There are snappy, quick lyrics throughout. No where else do you see sheer quantity and speed of delivery than with Bone Thugs. Tracks like “Rebirth” and “See Me Shine” pack a hard, single-type, radio punch, while the anthem “Only God Can Judge Me” seems a little cheesy, as if digging for introspection. The album features production from group loyalist DJ U-Neek, while Krayzie Bone, Thin C, and Fatboi are among honorable mentions. I can’t say I see this album as a production success, though. Choruses are repetitive, light and almost electronic at points. The group that preaches “Thug Love” needs production that backs their creed. I almost think that the more Bone Thugs try to make a record that packs lasting depth of mind (the Intro is jammed with Biblical references), they come away with a record that doesn’t accomplish much. It’s an easy listen. I’m glad the crew is finally back together, now if they could just iron out the wrinkles. Three stars.