While my friend and I were listening to Airplanes Pt. 2 off of The Adventures of Bobby Ray, we began discussing Eminem’s verse at the end of the track. Original, uniquely rhythmed and almost impossible to rap over word for word, it’s not hard to see why everyone in hip hop wants a verse just like that one on their album today.  This got me thinking. Who else besides Eminem has been as influential (and controversial) in our generation? I would argue that Slim is probably the most influential MC of our generation. He brought a new style to the game, making it okay for white boys to rap; speaking about the vices of our society, the corruption of the American political system, and the tragedy of the broken, impoverished home of a small Detroit child. I think in retrospect, Eminem will be our generation’s Godfather of “the game”. The late 80’s had N.W.A., the 90’s had Tupac, and now the new millennium has Shady. I challenge the reader to dispute this. Well, I actually encourage it.